I have spoken to many of our neighbors about running for Mayor.

The following individuals are supporting me and my campaign for Mayor.

I look for your support too.

Dr. Frank Alegria
Elaine & Leo Bell
Frankie & Cliff Boyd
Derwin Broughton, AIA
Donna & Steve Broughton
Joan & Col. Jack Bryan
Sue Clark
Lori & Dr. Ron Dotson
Ann & Jackie Edwards
Anne & David Green
Darlene & Charles Hayden
Patrick Harvey
Linda Higgins
Judy & Jim Howard
Bobby & Gerald Hill
Michael Immler
Earle Jones, Jr.
Dalton Lott
Leon Miller
Dr. Michael Miner
Dottie & Charlie Nay
Dotti Pennebaker
Ray Pollock
Ed Priest
Ray Pursley
Glenn Repp
Janie & Steven Rutherford
Elaine & Dr. Allen Schneider
Jaime Salazar
Jiten Shah
Gale Sliger
Doyce Smith
Stan Smith
Judy & Grady Smithey
Kerry & Dr. Harry Sugg
Laura Sugg
David Templeton
Martha & John Thompson
Pat & Ken Weaver
Lois & Terry Webb
Vicki & Dr. William (Bill) White
Richard Wilbanks
Greg Zylka